Skyline Reviews, Icarus Night/ Album release Show, May 2013


When Sveta Shijachova, a.k.a. Ecila, came on stage, the Studio Skoop was already packed. Accompanied by very simple visuals -a circle in which simple projections of colours and symmetric images appeared- repeating all throughout the live set, she established a solemn and dark mood. Later on, life and light were injected as she went through the journey that’s supposed to be her first release ‘The Sofa Management’. Ecila exhibits a good mastering of her tech and clear knowledge of what she’s doing on stage. The variety of sounds and textures that she can create playing with drones, strings or even vocals is excellent, rich and original. Ecila is a “brute diamond”. Her music was easy to understand, but she needs to keep working hard to shine completely.